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Tutorial - Clothing + Folds 1 by DarlingMionette Tutorial - Clothing + Folds 1 :icondarlingmionette:DarlingMionette 16,326 1,265 Tips For Drawing Clothing by raru-tan Tips For Drawing Clothing :iconraru-tan:raru-tan 6,884 186 SWTOR Character Sheet Templates by Isriana SWTOR Character Sheet Templates :iconisriana:Isriana 130 18 2016-10-13 Nude Flute 43 by skydancer-stock
Mature content
2016-10-13 Nude Flute 43 :iconskydancer-stock:skydancer-stock 5 0
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Worldbuilding sheet: Magic systems - v2
Revised and translated version of this.
So, this sheet is meant to help fantasy world-builders (for any media, not just writing) create the magic systems for their worlds. It is inspired from some character sheets that ask you a series of questions. This sheet may be helpful for you at any stage of the worldbuilding process: whether you're just starting out and need ideas, or you're nearly done and want to make sure everything is consistent. Keep in mind that I'm not technically giving you ideas, just raising questions. This revised version puts more emphasis on definitions than the original.
So, let's start with the term "magic system". A system is a bunch of concepts that work together. Basically, I'll define a magic system as a set of laws for magic. If your world has several kinds of magic that have completely different possibilities (for instance, one kind of magic can do what is completely impossib
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5 Tips On Fantasy Religions
I'm not looking for a religious discussion. If someone starts one, I will rip your face off and block your comments.
1. How involved a deity is affects religion. At least in fantasy, anyway.  Now of course there are plenty of fantasy religions that don't bother to clear up whether a god actually exists, and the driving elements of the story or more about religion and power rather than spirituality. So considering whether god or gods actually really do exist at all in your story is a perfectly cromulent question. However, if a god does exist, and is constantly involved in the lives and well-being of its worshipers, enemies or non-believers might think twice before some serious smiting ensues.  For that matter, followers of an attentive god might watch their mouths.  (Look at the Greek Gods and what they did for slights!) A god may be protective, but that doesn't necessarily mean benevolent.  In fact, a god or gods may have the att
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Fantasy Religion Questionaire
Name of Religion:
Name of Followers:
(Sometimes the name of the follower is different than the religion. i.e. Islam vs. Muslim)
Number of Deities:
(monotheistic, polytheistic, some religions don’t even have a set ‘god’)
Major god(s)/goddess(es):
Level of Anthropomorphization of Deit(ies):
(Are they very human like and have ‘human’ wants and desires or is their god simply a supernatural force?)
Is there a set founder of this religion?
(Some religions don’t have a set founder {i.e. Hinduism, Ancient Greek religion, etc.})
What is their origin story of the universe?
(Celestial egg? Were humans created out of clay? Is the earth on the back of an enormous turtle?)
Major Holidays:
(Are they permitted to marry or must they remain chaste?
Is this position limited to only certain groups?
{Men, upper class people, certain racial groups, etc.}
What are their responsibilities?)
Are their any past followers/prophets who have attained the level of be
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I've finished writing the background history of one of my original character's (the "Nerevarine" from Morrowind, Nelore Tedrin), I say, I almost enjoy wriitng stories for my video game characters than actually playing them. Drawing them also helps me practice. I will be posting sketches and anything I produce of them on here, and I'll put their stories on or some other website.
Since it's NaNoWriMo and I promised to myself I will finally start plotting my novel too, I should really get down to do that as well. And I will, I'm just a little daunted, the longest thing I ever wrote was my MA thesis (48 pages) and it was pure unfiltered hell. Problem is, it's a fantasy novel and I can't really start the story without having built the world first, so I should probably get that out of the way. At least, the most important parts, like religion and how magic works, since those are at the center. Then the city, in which it takes place and some parts of the history and mythology. 




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